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  • Most websites are considered burdensome afterthoughts by their owners, rather than invaluable assets that help attract new business...

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  • Digital marketing has disrupted advertising and marketing communications beyond all imagination...

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  • Meet The Founder - James Watson

  • James Watson is an E-Commerce and online marketing expert. In 2014 He launched a brand of health supplements on Amazon that has since generated over $2m in revenue.

    James has personally mentored over 600 people 1:1. He's also coached several thousand people at live events and via an online training course to build successful E-Commerce businesses of their own.

    Prior to building our E-Commerce and E-Commerce training businesses James helped generate over $3.3m via three 7-figure online digital information product launches.

  • Testimonials

  • I was lucky enough to be mentored by James Watson for six months during 2014. James is an absolutely brilliant marketer and possesses one of the best analytical business and marketing brains I know. This analytical ability is balanced with an excellent business sense and a great deal of experience. Working with James has changed the way that I do business and I been able to increase my prices and improve the quality of my clients. The work that I have done with James will impact my business for a decade. My work with James Will increase my turnover by at least 100%

    Alisdair Inglis

  • James has been my business coach since early 2011. James helped us build and transform our business from a start up with very few clients and no current income, to a profitable business with dozens of clients and almost more current work than we can deal with - in just 18 months. James is, quite simply, a truly excellent coach. He combines exceptional marketing skills, with great, focused, accountable, yet supportive, business coaching. His detailed marketing expertise and ability to find the latest online tools, which really work (out of the zillions out there) are lengendary among those he works with - and simply invaluable in helping us, in turn, provide cutting edge advice to our clients.

    Sophia James

  • I worked with James from 2010 and found his knowledge of a very high standard. Using the techniques that I learnt during my time with James helped me grow my own businesses from £0 to £250,000 turnover within 3 years employing 6 staff members along the way. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking to get an insightful and knowledgeable way of looking at their business and helping it grow.

    Chris Leadley